Beck Cycling

Race Team

Beck Cycling Racing Team is comprised of

riders who regularly race their bikes and are

committed to race with the team in the next

season. Team riders accumulate sponsorship points during the race season based on their race category; amount of races completed, and race results. Sponsored team riders for 2013 are riders who accumulated a minimum amount of sponsorship points during the 2012 race season.

Newer riders/racers who do not meet the minimum requirement for sponsorship are encouraged to train and race with the team, and earn the points required to become a sponsored team rider.

Experienced racers that are interested in joining the race team are evaluated based on their race resume and how they would contribute to the team’s success.

Beck Cycling Club

We encourage everyone to join the cycling club which promotes cycling and community service. You can join the Beck Cycling Club by registering on, paying the annual dues, and ordering a team kit as desired.

Mission Statement:
To promote wellness, health and overall fitness through the sport of cycling in our community.