Beck Facility Services Expands Operations to the Mid-West

Atlanta, GA (May 31, 2016) ─ Beck Facility Services, a leading U.S. facilities services company to provide facility services to a large retail chain in the mid-west United States.


Beck Facility Services expansion includes the providing of material handling services for a manufacturing and distribution center located in Ottawa, Illinois.  Larger companies are looking to partner with Beck because they offer larger gain efficiencies for companies by increasing their recycling rebates and reducing the companies’ footprint on the environment.

On the expansion, Ryan Brooks, CEO of Beck Facility Services says, “Our corporate goal is to seek opportunities to serve others outside our community and state in facility services, landscaping, recycling and material handling while continuing to provide benefits to our loyal partners through a company-wide system of servant leadership.  Most importantly, we desire to use our corporate mission and culture to positively affect every person we come in contact with. We are grateful for the opportunities our mid-west partnerships present, and look forward to continued success by staying focused on serving others.”


Large retail stores need to stay ahead of their global footprint by outsourcing their material handling needs.  Large chain retail stores will outsource their facilities services to a company that can offer 24/7 facilities service. 


Beck is partnering with these companies to help them provide customer satisfaction in a timely manner on a routine uninterrupted schedule without sacrificing the greater needs of the company.  For over 25 years, Beck has become a leading full service facility services company in the Southeast, servicing hundreds of facilities daily.


Beck Facility Services